Nail Surgery

Suffer with ingrown nails?

Living with an ingrown nail is painful and left untreated, can quickly lead to a nasty infection. At Torbay Footcare in Paignton, Devon, we specialise in nail surgery. This simple surgical procedure is carried out under local anaesthetic and will make the pain of this troublesome foot problem a thing of the past.

To learn more about what is involved in nail surgery and whether it is right for you, contact or visit our clinic.

Professional nail surgery with Torbay Footcare

Whilst painful nails can usually be treated with non-surgical procedures, the shape of the nail and in many cases, the presence of an infection, can make these nails very uncomfortable and troublesome to live with. 

At Torbay Footcare, we offer nail surgery as a permanent solution. This is a relatively painless, minor surgical procedure carried out at our clinic in Paignton.
Professional nail surgery

What does nail surgery involve?

At Torbay Footcare, the nail surgery procedure is completed within a 1-hour appointment and involves:
  • Completely numbing the relevant toe with a local anaesthetic
  • Removing the ingrowing section of nail (approximately 10%)
  • Treating the nail bed
The end result is a toe that retains most of its nail, without the curved section that was causing the problem. In most instances, nail surgery will prevent regrowth and as a result, minimise the chances of reoccurring ingrown nails.

Caring for your toe after surgery

Once the nail surgery has been completed, a large dressing will be applied to your toe for the first day or two. Keeping your foot elevated and rested, especially in the first few hours after the procedure, is advised. Whilst the pain should be minimal, you can take painkillers to help with any discomfort.

Follow-up appointments will be required to re-dress your toe*. Bathing your toe with salt water on a daily basis and applying a dry, sterile dressing will help to ensure it properly heals. 

*Three 15-minute appointments are normally required following nail surgery. 
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Nail surgery is a simple procedure designed to improve the health of your feet. Want to know about the procedure and aftercare involved? Contact Torbay Footcare in Paignton, Devon.

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Fabulous feet following nail surgery

Where necessary, the procedure can be applied to one or both sides of the nail, or in more severe cases, the whole nail can be painlessly removed. Concerned about the appearance of your toe following nail surgery? Toenail correction is an ideal solution, once your foot has completely healed. This simple procedure allows us to reconstruct your nail with UV gel. 

For more information about our range of foot treatments, contact Torbay Footcare in Paignton.
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nail surgery
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