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If you spend a lot of time on your feet, you'll know how quickly it can take its toll. For a nourishing, softening foot treatment, book a MediPedi with Torbay Footcare. Using specially formulated products, we turn cracked, hardened and callused heels into baby-soft skin.

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Tired, neglected feet? We can help with that!

Do you suffer with cracked heels, built-up calluses and hard skin on your feet? With the MediPedi treatment at Torbay Footcare, you can expect outstanding results in one hour. Before the treatment, your podiatrist will assess the condition of your feet and toes to identify problem areas.

The MediPedi products are specially formulated to permeate the dry skin on your feet; nourishing and softening the layers as it does so. Have you noticed that the hard skin on your feet is dull or white in appearance? Following a MediPedi, colour will be restored and your skin will be left feeling baby-soft and supple.
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What to expect with a MediPedi treatment

The MediPedi is an effective foot treatment for everyone. As part of the one-hour treatment, your podiatrist will: 
  • Assess and discuss any foot problems with you
  • Cut and shape your toenails
  • Tidy the cuticles on your toenails
  • Remove corns and calluses with no pain involved
  • Smooth rough heels and skin
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Take the first step to happy feet with Torbay Footcare. From our ever-popular MediPedi to Pende Orb wax therapy, we offer a range of luxuriant foot treatments in Paignton, Devon.

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Helping toes feel their best

We understand how important your foot health is. In need of a permanent solution to ingrown toenails? Contact Torbay Footcare in Paignton, Devon, to find out if nail surgery is right for you. With a wealth of experience dealing with all types of foot problems, you can have the peace of mind knowing your feet are in safe hands.

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