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Lunula Laser therapy

Suffering from nail fungus? Restore the health of your nails with the help of Torbay Footcare. Based in Paignton, we specialise in Lunula Laser; a laser therapy treatment that is proven to effectively tackle fungal nails.

Lunula Laser therapy for nail fungus

We understand that fungal nails aren't just uncomfortable to live with, they can make you feel self-conscious too. The condition can be very difficult treat, with topical treatments and oral therapy proving ineffective in severe cases. 

At Torbay Footcare, we are Lunula Laser specialists. Lunula is an innovative, cold laser therapy procedure designed to treat nail fungus. The treatment is effective and proven; with no pain and no side effects.
Lunula Laser therapy

How does laser therapy work?

Until recently, most people relied on over-the-counter ointments to treat a fungal infection, often with disappointing results. Lunula Laser is at the forefront of podiatric technology. Combining two therapeutic wavelengths (405 nm and 635 nm), Lunula targets all affected tissue to kill the fungus, increase immunity and improve nail bed circulation.
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If topical treatments have made little difference to your fungal infection, contact Torbay Footcare in Paignton to discuss how Lunula Laser therapy can help you.

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Restore the health of your toenails

Not only is nail fungus unsightly, it can be uncomfortable to live with. With summer just around the corner, Torbay Footcare is on hand to have your feet ready for sandals, sand and warm weather.

To arrange an appointment for Lunula Laser therapy or to learn more about our range of foot treatments, including our popular Prende Orb and MediPedi experiences, contact our clinic in Paignton, Devon.
Appointments are available Monday toSaturday between 9am and 1pm and from 2pm to 5pm (7pm on Mondays, Saturday mornings only currently). 
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